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Age old Debate on Guruvayur

The contention of the temple priests is that Vayalar’s wife
is a Christian and therefore their son, Ravi Krishna, can’t be considered a
Hindu because Kerala follows a matrilineal society.
On Saturday, the priests conducted a
purification ritual after Ravi Krishna and his wife Nisha performed the rice
feeding ritual of their six-month-old son

I really do not understand the logic here. The entry to the temple should be based on the belief and not on the Religion. I being a Hindu, i have gone to this temple. I have seen some guys do not come to Pray but to see the Malayale Girls. I myself have seen some guys misbehaving inside the temple during the crowded days.
 When all this impurity is happening daily in the temple how come an entry of a baby born for a Hindu and Christian considered Impure.

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