Wednesday , October 17 2018
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Muslim wife separated from Hindu Husband

Islamic authorities in Malaysia insist they were right in detaining a Muslim woman who was living with her Hindu husband as their marriage was illegal under the country’s laws.

Courtesy : Rediff

I really do not understand why the Governments give more preference to the religion and its rule rather than considering the individual. If you see all religions are made by Humans and the rules are devised by them.
 The basic rule of all the religions is “Love Mankind” and they have supporting rules made at the time of creating the religions that emphasis love but they forget the main rule and follow all the supporting rules strictly.It is bad that the religious leaders of those times did not think that rules can be changed. If an constitution has the rights to change itself why not the rules of the religions.I think all Religions should revisit the rules to adapt to the today’s world.

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