Tuesday , January 22 2019

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Does Soaps on TV stick to our culture and daily life?

I really doubt. I have seem some Soaps that gets telecasted in North Indian Channels. I have seen the ladies wearing Jazzy sarees and heavy makeup when they are in the house. I do not think that women in Indian are like them.

Yesterday, i saw a soap in South Indian Channel. There is a scene in where the Boyfriend come to meet the parent of a Girl whom he is in Love. The following are the things i noticed
1. First of all, these things do not happen in India. It happens only in foreign countries. If the Parents come to Know if the girl is in Love she will get bashed. Then she will get married or transported to another City or a Country.
2. The lady of the house is seated infront of the boy friend and asks him questions when the Husband is standing near her Chair. This again does not happen. If they Husband is Open minded he allow to wife to sit with him but none of the Husbands in South India would allow th wife to talk while he stands there watching.

All these soap produces must take care that they follow the culture where the soap is getting telecasted.

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