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Gods as examples?

Gods are taken as examples for human beings.

Rama for love & truthful husband
for Cleverness

Like this every God has a story that teaches something to humans but why is that
there are stories that teach wrong things.

1.Why is that every male God has 2 wifes or they are a bachelor
Ganesha – bachelor
Muruga- 2 wifes
Shiva- 2 wifes
Vishnu- 2 wifes
Indram- multiple wifes

Jesus – bachelor

2. Lord Iyappan was born for Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. Why was this demonstrated?

When we are suppose to take Gods as examples why is that there are some bad things
done by Gods (Atleast in stories)

Is it that we should apply the rule “Take only the Good and leave the Bad”?

GOK– God only Knows

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