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Pirivom Santhipom – Review


PirivomSanthipom Last night i was watching the movie review of “Pirivom Santhipom” in Jaya Tv (Hasini Paesum Padam). I initially thought it was a movie about Natukotta Chettiar because the movie is more advertised on the marriage that is done but from the review i came to know that it is just the first half and the second half of the movie is about a husband and wife. I have not watched the full movie and i dont know the full story yet but i feel it is most like my story.

There was a sceen in the movie like Cheran will go to office and Sneha will call him after an hour and ask when he will be back home. This happens daily to me. I use to wonder why my wife is calling me home often. Only after seeing the sceen i realised that it is their lonelyness that makes them do it.

Let me watch it once it releases in Bangalore and then i will update you the story line.

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