Wednesday , December 12 2018
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Yesterday, there was a telecast of Rang-de-Basanthi in Star Gold. We were all watching the movie from Madavan’s death. My Son (5 years old) was also with us. During the Climax when Aamir and the others were shot, my son asked me some questions.

Son : Why is the police shooting that uncle?
Me : ………………….
(I did not have an answer because they are not the villans nor the bad people. After sometime i said)
Me : You are a small boy you will not understand. I will tell you once you become a good boy
Wife : Tell him the truth, He is interested to know what is happening. There is nothing wrong to tell him why the poilce is shooting him.
Me (to my son): The police is shooting because they did some thing good.
(i did not want to say that they are bad uncle or the Villans because as per the movie they did that for a good cause)

Son : then why is the police shooting that uncle?

Now really i did not have answer. I did not know how to explain corruption and malpractice in a way that he could understand. Just a week back i had explained that Police will punish people if they do something wrong. Today i could not say some thing that just the opposite of what i had said earlier? If i explain, then i have to say that thay are corrupt police. My son would get an impression that Police are also bad. i know he should know the reality but nor so soon even before he can realise what is Good and Bad.

Should i explain everything to him or wait for some more years?

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