Tuesday , January 22 2019

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I have been taking my car driving classes recently. Today is my third Day ( 3rd hour to be precise). The driver cam to our appartment to pick me up. There was one guy in the car. I guess he was in the previous slot for taking driving lessons.
     I took the driver seat and started the car smoothly. The tutor has turned back to the other guy and said ” This is the 3rd class for him”. i was wondering why is the tutor telling about me to him.
     We dropped him in his house and we started driving away. The tutor told me that person has already taken 25 classes and he has not learnt to drive the car. Only then i came to know that he was appreciating me infront of him. For a moment, i was so happy and suddenly the happiness meter went down when i thought about a person.

Let me tell you a flash back before i tell you who it is

Location : On Road from salem to Pollachi in my Dad’s car
Actors : My Dad in Driver’s seat, My Mom in the back seat and My self in the front near my Dad

Dad : Sreeni, when are you going to learn driving? I am sure that you son will learn to drive a car before you can….
Me : …………………… ( hurt inside)


Now you must be knowing who that “person” is? Yes, it is my DAD.

Getting a DL ( Drivers License) is not important for me but i need a get a good grading from Dad that i am a Good Driver.

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