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Dasavatharam Review


dasavatharam-underwater I watch Dasavatham. It is really a fantastic movie. This is what all the reviews have said till today. But i generally categorise the movie as fantastic if i think about the movie the next day.
   I should not say just fantastic, it is more than than. Excellent, Fantabulous, Super, Nalla Iruku, Bohut Acha. I really cannot find not find a better words than the above.

What really made me like the movie?

      First and foremost the 12th century story about the Shivas and Vaishnavas. I have read about this in my school history book. Those stories were just narrations. I never knew the incident would have been so bad. I know there has been some imagination in this story. But no one can deny “IT COULD BE TRUE”. This part of the story made the whole threatre silent for 15 Minutes. No one spoke. I was in the verge of emoting when Nanbi was tortured. Fantastic 15 Minutes.

     The second is the 10 roles that Kamal Hassan Played
1. Nambi – Fantasic acting and Makeup
2. Govind – Normal
3. George Bush
4. Chris Flether
5. Naidu – Fantastic acting and accent.
6. Old lady
7. Tall Man
8. Punjabi Singh
9. Japanese
10. The Press reporter kind of guy ( I forgot the name)

     The third thing i liked are the things that are untold
1. The names of the characters more or less were in line with the 10 avathars of Vishnu.
2. The characters being re-born and visitng the same place where they last split and joining in the same place. The characters are not aware of it but they made the audience have a look at it.
3. All happening incidents of the current world are mixed with the story like sand steeling, Tsumani, Politicians etc etc
4. The idol thrown into the sea comes back with a Bang and secured its position.

It is a must watch movie for everyone.

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