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Today i was watching the movie ” பசங்க ” (Tamil movie). There was a particular scene where there are 2 boys in the class who do not get along. On one particular day the teacher asks the class to write a letter to him mentioning all the things, people they like, Thing they want to do etc….The first boy writes every thing bad about the other. stating that “he does not like him”, ” he want him to leave school” etc. The other appreciates the first one for work, hand writing etc. This particular situation turn they relationship into Friendship.
OK, So what?
I too had faced this same situation in my life. Not in school but in college. I was a type of a person who is on the first bench always studious. I only listen to class. Once the class is over, i am back to room. I don’t care who is in class, who is sitting near me, what they are doing etc. There was this guy who use to be in the last row in class in reading Novels when the class is on. It is not that he is not studious but he was not interested to listen.
One particular day, he can sat near me in the class and was listening to the class. I just looked at him and asked” What happened ? Why this change? ” He replied ” I want to be sincere like you”. I just smiled and then the day is over. In the evening as usual i was writing my Diary and I was making a note of this incident. This incident was something special to me. This same person had come to my room asking for the record note book to finish his record work. He saw me writing the dairy

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he : “You have the habit of writing a diary?”
me : ” Yes. I have been doing this for some years”
He : ” Good, i too want to develop this good habit but i am not sure what you write in a dairy. can i see what you write”

I thought if i tell him, he will develop the good habit. So i told him to read one page( One day) of that dairy. He choose that specific day. I don’t know what happened he read. He asked me for a paper and a pen. He sat in the cornor of a room and was writing something in that paper. I thought he was writing some letter to his parents. After 45 mins, he asked me for my Diary again. I gave it to him. As i was doing something, i did not notice what he did. He left the diary on my table and left. After sometime i was taking my dairy to keep it in my locker. I noticed the Diary was bulging as there were some papers in between the pages.
I took it out and read that. It was a friendship letter to me. The second biggest letter that i had ever received after my wife’s love letters :). That letter was more on appreciation on me and the good things that he notice in me. At the end he completed the letter asking for FRIENDSHIP. After this we had become the BEST friends ever.

He was the person who
– Felt happy for me when i was the class topper
– Felt sad for me when i lost the campus selection
– Was beside me when i was in need of someone’s help during my health deterioration.
– lent his shoulders when i wanted to cry
– taught me some thing that i could not do.
These are just not words. It actually happened to me.

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We both learnt lot of things from each other. I should say what was the impact of his friendship in my live
– I learnt that being studious alone was not enough to lead a life.
– I started communicating with more people. Got more friends. There was instances when others told me ” I never knew you were such a joyous fellow”
– Learnt the true friendship and love towards others.
– helping tendency
– positive attitude
– Live for yourself and enjoy it ( We have cut class, given black answer sheets and on and on )


Who is ” THIS” person? He is my best friend Sundar Vinayakam. (This blog is a small dedication for you da). Thank you da Sundar

By the way, why am i saying all these? It all started with little appreciation and ended with a great friendship. I still have him as my best friend.

So start appreciating people you can win the world

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