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ஆங்கிலம் – Tamil

“The Red Giant Movies”, “Cloud Nine Movies” , “The Rising Son”. These names are the names of the Production Houses and Magazine owned by the family members of a leader who promotes Tamil. (Are the advises only for the society and not for the Family? 😉 )

Well i am not getting into political discussion, i just wanted to say that the leader who has been hard headed on Tamil has changed.

Tamil today has got ancient Language status and there is a International Tamil conference planned in the near future (June 2010). By doing all these, Tamil is surely not going to grow. Today’s generation is not ready to talk in Tamil, when they meet the fellow people from the state in another state or country.

What is the reason for this?
People feel that they will be considered inferior when they talk in Tamil.

I personally feel that Tamil has become stagnant. It is not growing with Vocabulary. Don’t tell they have added words like கணிபொறி( computer), மின்அஞ்சல் ( email) etc. They have only translated it. May be the new words have been added but it is not informed to the people. They use only the common words.

In my personal life, i learnt Tamil for 12 years, but it did not help me as a language in any means neither professional or personal. My Tamil Knowledge is used only for reading Tamil weekly like Ananda Vikadan or Kumudam.

People should make Tamil more flexible like English. English can adopt words from other languages but Tamil does not do it. I feel this is main reason for the downfall.

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Kids please choose your second language with Future vision.

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