Wednesday , September 19 2018
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33% Reservation to Women

This has been the hot topic for the past few days.

Giving 33% reservation to women in Parliament is Good or Bad.
There is a mixed reaction between men and women today. There are some women who do not like this. :-0

 Well i would say that this is 33% reservation for women is useless and this is a political move by the the Political party. (Do not come to conclusion that i am male chauvinist. I too support women, i want women to be equal )

Let me tell you how the women i know reacted to this reservation
My wife : When the news came out in the daily papers my wife asked me this question ” Are women today not allowed to contest in MP elections?” ( She is Double PG and a Lecturer in College)

My Mother : Did not even care to discuss this

My Grand Mother : She did not even read the news

Well i cannot come to a conclusion talking to women in my family. I read and heard about women talk about this
A Woman television news reader : She was not happy this reservation. Her idea is that women should come out on their own only then they can contribute to the society.

A women Tamil Poet ( associated with a political party) : She said ” This is first step towards women freedom”
Well i did not know Gandhi got freedom only for men. I read from history that Gandhi got Freedom for India but why do women want to separate themselves from men? why do they want that special allocation to serve India? It should be in their blood.
There are arguments that women in rural areas are still dependent on the men, they have to ask men for everything, they cannot take decisions by themselves, they cannot speak against them. If such women are sent to the Parliament in this special Quota then i don’t think they will have the guts to speak up in the Parliament.  Women should contest in general quota then they will realize the difficulty in getting there and hence know what they have to do in the Parliament.

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It is only the creamy high class women be benefited by this law. This group is the one that misuses the law created for women like the Dowry law. Because of this dowry law, there are men who are victims but the life of women in the rural area is still the same.

I am not against having women in Parliament but i am against the reservation. I am very happy to have 50% women there in that house if they come through the general quota.

What do you people say?

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