Wednesday , February 20 2019

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5 Things I hate the most

There are things in this world i hate. I do not why i hate them but i hate them. There are people who hate me for hating this

  1. I hate Mondays. It is the weekend sickness that make me hate this day. This sickness starts on late sunday evening sometimes.
  2. I hate when someone move the things from the place where i left it. I like the things to be in the place where i have kept it. My wife is the one who does this most. She will move it and she will not remember where she kept it. 🙂 ( After reading this my wife is going to blast me)
  3. Waking up very early in morning. Not before 7 AM.
  4. Cheating, Going back on word, back stabbing and not not following ethics.
  5. Getting phone calls late in the night.

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  1. Agree, can never get to love Mondays unless it is a holiday…

  2. Now i hate Sundays too. I am in UAE so Sunday is the first working day of the week.

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