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Is Love Blind?

Everyone says that “Love is blind”. Even some lovers say it.
Is it really true?

Before that let us explore some of the anti love quotes that we have heard. A few of them for you

  1. Love is a battlefield.
  2. Love is waste of time.
  3. Love hurts
  4. I hate love
  5. Lovers are selfish

there are many more….. I tried searching some on net. I could find more, that are even vulgar. Is this all true?

I am not an expert to give a judgment but i just want to talk about Lovers and Love that i have come across these years.
I had done my schooling in a boarding school. I could find guys trying to get girls as their girlfriends. According to me this is not Love. It is not even infatuation. It is that they wanted the most beautiful girl to talk to them and only them. They wanted to boast to everyone that they had a beautiful girl as their girlfriend. That is it.
In my 10th Class there was a guy who ran away with a girl stating that they were in love and they cannot live without each other. What are they doing now? Well they are happily married……………. to their spouses.
In my college, there were 3 couples. They said that they were not in love but friends( You know what they say in college). Evey evening, they meet in the Chidambaram temple giving a reason that they are doing a group study. what happened to these couples?
Couple 1 : When the guy proposed to the girl after college for the marriage. The girl said “You are not fit to marry me”.
Couple 2 : I am not sure what happened but they never met after college. I heard she married some green card holder
Couple 3: They stayed together after college. She got a placement from college but she made sure he got a job. They got married and not they have a beautiful girl child. I am really happy for them.

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So far the pass percentage is only 25%.

Among my relatives,my cousin had fallen in love, got married (registered) without the knowledge of the families (same like Alaipayuthey). Well, All are not Madhavan. He was a cheat and my cousin was one among her victims.

In my personal life……..
I thought i was in love with a girl during my college days but later realized that it was not love but infatuation. Well, how did i suddenly differentiate between Love and Infatuation? When we parted ways, i did not feel bad or sad. The only thing that got into my mind was to make her realize what she had missed!!!!
Now when my wife goes to her parents house, or i go on a business trip, i feel a big lump moving between my heard and throat. I guess this is because of love…..

Well let us get back to topic….. Is Love really blind?

On my personal opinion.
Love is always Blind. Lover has to be clear on what is Love before falling in love and Keep their eyes wide open when blindly in Love.
Keep your eyes open when blindly in love to succeed.


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