Wednesday , August 22 2018
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RTA – Road and Transport Authority of Dubai

Journey Planner Here in Dubai, RTA is the orginization that takes care of the transport. The buses that are plying in Dubai are really of good quality and clean.

I personally feel that the buses are too slow. They do not go more than 30-40 Km/hr speed. I sometimes get so frustrated that i feel like getting out of the bus and walk along with it.

Secondly, the buses are routed properly. These mistakes are made in determining the bus routes.

  1. If we travel from X to Y the time taken in 15 mins in car and via public transport it is 1.5 hours. It is just 10 times more time.
  2. When the bus enters a locality from Road A and leave the Locality from Road B then on the return route then it must enters a locality from Road B and leave the Locality from Road A. But bus routes are not designed that way. So a person who tavels from Road A to B in the morning cannot use the same bus to go back home.

Yes, i agree that public transport has to cover more areas but when buses are routed they have to think about common people and just not decide on the easiest route.

If this is going to continue more people will stop using Buses and opt for private cars.

RTA has to make sure bus transport is made better so that more people can use public transport and use less cars.

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