Monday , December 10 2018
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I happened to see “Toy Story 3“.  It is an animation picture that is made by Pixar Animation Studios. Really a nice picture. It had Hero, Heroine, Villan, Comedian, A couple in character role and some animals. All like a real south Indian movie( not boring like them :)). Really nice to watch.

This reminded me of my toys that i had when i was a Kid. The toy that i can remember was Red Colored train engine. It was a battery operated that could move ( never straight). It was in working condition until some 7 years back. When i my son was born, i gave that to him for playing. Well, i gave it to him well very early before he could realize the value of toys. He kept it in his mouth initially then just banged it on the floor once or twice. Well now the train in parts. Today when he wants to play mechanic or a scientist he would use the parts to make a spaceship.
The next toy i remember having was a build blocks toy. It was a build block set to make houses. I use to build various houses in various styles. I guess my parents would have guessed that time that i will be engineer. They are not wrong but not the correct engineer to  build a house .

At the Age of 10-14, we  played the “Appa Amma Vilzayatu” (I really don’t know if this game has an English name). Since i was a the eldest in the group, i get to play the father and the neighbor girl gets the play the mother. All others ( My brother, sister and some more kids) play our children. Some good old days.
P.S : Guys were were only 10-14 when we played this game. So don’t let your imaginations run out of bounds. 🙂

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Today my son has his favorite toys. His puppies (Stuffed dolls). He has atleast 50-100 cars of various sizes and colors but these puppies are his favorite. He named them Honey, Blacky and Browny. They are so close to him, that they get a place in our bed. In those days, either me or my wife would be hanging at the end of the cot giving space for these dolls.   You know they even got a chance to travel to foreign countries. When my son had came with me to Netherlands, Blacky got a chance to travel with us and when he came to Dubai, Browny got the chance.  He is so obsessed with these puppies that he can’t live without them or even sleep without them. Once, when he was 4 yeas old, i got him a story book which had some lessons. One of the story was about 2 puppies that don’t listen to their mother and try to cross a river which had a crocodile in it. One of the puppy gets bitten by the crocodile. There was a picture of the puppy getting bitten. After seeing the picture, he did not listen to story and started crying saying that it will pain for the puppy. The next day he had high fever. We had to get rid of the book. We make sure that he never had to see the book again.
Well i i guess i am going out of the topic from Toys to Parenting. I could not stop myself in stating that instance, because toys do play an important role in every child’s life. The most favorite toy will never be forgotten.

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