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EV Ramaswamy

EV Ramaswamy Nayakar

Today 17th Sep is the birthday of EV Ramaswamy Periyar commonly called as Periyar. I am not going to blog about his life history. Everybody in Tamilnadu knows about him. What fascinated me about him were

  1. He had his politics and his life separately. Even through he had friends in politics and they had different ideas and policies for the government, they were still friends. A classic example is Archarya, who was supporting the caste system but EVR did not support the caste system. They talk about each other in newspaper and stages but when they meet they talk about their personal life. EVR invited Acharya for the support signature for his marriage with Maniammai.
  2. He had the guts to change characters in Tamil. The way the characters were written has been changed by him. No one had the guts to do this till today.
  3. He was the leader who was against the caste system like Ambedkar. Today’s generation does not have the caste name after their “Given Names”. It is all because of him. Today my dad or me or my son does not have the caste name after our names. My son will surly not know the cast to which he belongs until some application form asks him to fill it compulsorily.
  4. He is the second person after Gandhi who got Government respect for his funeral even though he did not hold any government his posts.

I hate one of the policy that he has adopted. That is not adopting Hindi. This is not only his policy but all the Tamilnadu leaders had adopted this policy to gain votes but the current generation is facing the hardship of not knowing Hindi. Tamilnadu  leaders should have adopted Hindi as a second language after Tamil.

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Luckily he does not have a child, otherwise there could have been another party in TamilNadu called “XYZ Dravida Kalagam” 🙂 .

I wanted to have the title of this blog as “EV Ramaswamy Nayakar” but i had cut the Nayakar purposefully.

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