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எந்திரன் – The Robot

Endhiran – The Robot. The movie  released on 1st Oct 2010 and has been the talk of the town world. Before i watched the movie i got some reviews from people who are in countries where the movie was released before us. They told me, it is good hi-tech movie but I went to the theater without any expectation and i liked the movie.
Gist : The movie starts on the “DOT” with the creation of Robot and the movie moves around how it talks, learns, help, do an operation etc with people around him. When they teach him the feelings like anger, love, sadness etc.. it falls in love with heroine and turns against the hero for her. The hero fight against it to rescue his love and world from him.

The story line is not so great but screenplay, sceens, CG. The scenes are so fresh that we have not seen in any English movie. The climax is good. It may be similar to that of some English movies but they are new to Indian Cinema and executed in International quality.

The Rajni craze is more on this movie because

  1. Highest budget movie on Indian Cinema.
  2. Have 2000 prints released on Day 1. The highest in Indian Cinema.
  3. Times of India has given 4 stars. In Actual words ” Rajni has given 4 star for TOI” 🙂
  4. Big stots are in the movie Rajni, Aishwarya, Shanker, A.R.Rahman, Sun pictures

I appreciate the team’s creativity of the scene execution in the jaw dropping climax. I liked it. The movie is little too technical with lots of software terms like Virtual, Ping, IP, testing, zero defects, wifi etc. I really do not know how this will be received in ‘C’ centers.  The negative point in the movie is the songs.

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I appreciate the Endhiran – The Robot team for the effort.

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