Tuesday , March 19 2019


Should wife be a friend or mother or Lover or All?
Everyone will accept that wife is a combination of all, but what is the proportion?

Is it Equal?
Obviously, No.

Is it the same for all women?

Then what is the right proportion?

If more, then you will be called a sex maniac
If Less, you are not interested in them anymore

If more, and you tell her everything like your mother then you will teased and you are not a man.
If less, then you are too individualistic and you can live alone without anyone

If more and you talk to her often then you are taken for granted or you are too talkative
If less, then you are not expressive or you are reserved.

Oh!!! God, Please let man know what is the correct proportion. Generally, any high priced item like a A/C, refrigerator, TV etc comes with the specification, like the Height, width, Volts etc.

In case of women the height and width, we can easily find out. The proportion that we are talking about is very important like the volts for a TV. We cannot try with different values. In case of a TV, if the volts are wrong, then the product will be affected, in the latter the consumer is affected.

God. Why don’t you create women with their specification on them?

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