Monday , December 10 2018
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UID ( Unique IDentification) renamed as ‘AadhaaR’ is a project undertaken by Indian Government to issue Unique Identification number to all Indians. As you are all aware, this department is headed by Nandan Nilekani and the phase 1 of the project is in this process. All the Indian citizens will be numbered and tagged in this process ;). For further details see their website.

As part of this exercise the UID department is performing the following

  • Eye Scan
  • Finger print scan
  • Photo
  • Address capture
  • House hold appliance details
  • Caste and religion information

I want the following details also to be captured

  • My account details
  • My card details
  • My loan details
  • My Insurance details
  • My Auto Insurance details

As an Indian what i expect from the UID? I want the following things to be replaced by the UID

Voter ID card : They will have the finger print scan for every card and one who goes to the booth can be verified with the finger print. There will be no cheating on votes. There will be no Votes ID card with lots of spelling mistakes, wrong names, wring photos and thousand follow-ups for correction.

Ration Card : All the UID cards will be linked by a house hold id. So i can use any of the UID to get ration from the ration shops. They will have a record of what we go instead of we maintaining the record.

PAN Card : I can file my taxes with the Income tax department with the UID number instead of the PAN number. When we open an account, i give the UID number to the Bank. The Bank will send the details to the Income Tax department and they calculate the Income tax i have pay and i only verify if it is correct. Currently, it is the other way round. A common man will not know the latest Income tax laws.

Car/2 wheeler RC book: When i buy a car or a 2 wheeler, there is an enter made to my record of UID. If there is any traffic violation, the number can be noted and the fine can be sent home and then to the Bank account ( Auto debit with approval) of the person who owns the UID that is linked to the vehicle number.

License Card : My license Book/Car will be withdrawn. I get an entry into my existing UID that i am authorized to drive 2 or 4 wheerler. When i am checked on the road, they can have a small machine, when my UID card is swipped, they get my License details, Insurance details and the Emission check details.

College / School / offices : When i get enrolled, they can just swipe the UID card of the student and enroll the student without filling the details because the details that they get will be government verified and from their server.

Passport : I guess there is an International rule to have a book as a passport, so Indian Government cannot do anything about it. But still when i got to passport office for issue/renew or other services related to passport, they can swipe the card get the details instead of asking us to give them proofs. There need not be any Police verification.

Water/ Electricity bill / House Tax : All the bills can be generated and sent to the UID via website and after their approval to their Bank for the debit.

Purchase /Sell property : All the properties are also to be number and they are linked to the UID who own the property. When a properly goes to the Registrar’s office, the UID card should be swiped as authentication for the sale / purchase. And the money should be Bank transfer done electronically. This way black money can be reduced.

Am i asking too much….No, Indian Government is planning to spend 240 Billion rupees, they will be able to do all these if the money is spent without scams/corruptions.

Mr. Nandan, we are waiting……..

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