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What is your Name?

You must have seen the new parents searching for names for their kids.

Does choosing a name really matter?
I personally feel yes, it does matter. There is a reason for this. when i was in school, i had a friend call ‘Kumaran’. The Tamil teacher one day asked him “How will people call you when you get old?” ( Kumaran in Tamil means ‘Young guy’).

Naming a person is usually driven by some factor. I will give a few examples

  1. There could be someone who impressed the parent. so have that person’s name for their kid.
  2. A family custom to have their parent’s name for their kid
  3. The names of their favourite God / Actor / politician etc
  4. Some cause or an incident also could be a reason for the name
  5. Some people give God’s anme for their kids so that they(Parent) can call them throughout their life so that they get Moksha. ( Selfish parent)
    There are so many factors, i cannot list all of them here.

My parents decided my name because of a reason, they wanted me to be doctor. At that time, there were so many famous doctors named as Sreenivasan and hence i got that name. You too might be knowing the reason why you got the name.

There is one peculiar names that i have come across.
Unmai ( In Tamil means ‘Truth’. My friends used to teaser her as ‘ Unmai, poi solathai’ ( Unmai don’t tell lies).

I have also heard that a person’s name can also decide the character or a fate of a person. A few below
Ravi, Surya ( Names of Sun) : These people are short tempered people and they are most of the time angry.
Chandru, Chandran ( Names of Moon) : These people see the up and downs in life too frequently in their lifetime.
Sita, Janaki (Names of Sita) : Face too many problems in family life
Laxman : Don’t get to live with wife for a short while.
Ram : Have a really loving brother
Narashima : Very angry person
Kushoo, Sundar ( names of smells) : They are really sweet person and create a impact where they are.
(This is not scientifically proven so don’t ask me if there is a change)

So, When you are to name someone/something, just think of the following

  1. Will the child like it when he/she grows up?
  2. Can the name be used in all circumstances and ages?
  3. Is there a reason for the name?
  4. Does the name give a positive vibe to the person who is getting the name?
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Some websites URLs for the Kids Names

Be careful while naming your kid. He/She should not come back and tell you “ I don’t like this name. I am going to change it”

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