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Decision making

Our Indian Constitution has been created by Dr.Ambedkar. I have read in my school that he had visited many countries before he could come up with this constitution but what surprises me is that India has all the posts and roles that are available in U.S but they behave in a complete a different way.
   In India, the Member of Parliament (M.P) is elected by the people through election These M.Ps elect the President. He is the head of the country. A Bill that is prepared by the House is sent to the President for the approval. He can approve or disapprove the bill. In U.S, the President is elected by the People through election. He is the head of the country and is responsible for the country. He prepares the Bill and send it to the House for the approval. The decision taking responsibility between India and U.S is completely the reverse.
   Take the Judicial part. In India, the Judge is the moderator and the decision taking person. The decision lies with a single person. In U.S, the Judge is the moderator but not the decision taker. There will be a group of common people who will listen to the hearing and take the decision.
    I really don’t under this concept. Should the decision making be available with the one person or a group of people? When it is a group of people, there is a problem of people not taking the responsibility expecting others to do the job. When it is single person, there is a possibility of mistake. But both these countries are successful even though there has been some situations that i had stated.
I am sure here. There has to be decision made be it a single person or a group of people. There can be 100 decisions made of which 40 are wrong decisions made but please note there are 60 successful ones. There is a progress. If there is no one to make a decision, then there is no progress and they are moving towards extinction.

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