Friday , September 21 2018
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Software work

Everyone thinks that software is the only work where you get handsome pay package but it is one of the most stressful work.  That is why they get paid high.
Take for example, mechanical work. When you make a new machine, You make the design, make a prototype, test it. Once it is successful, you make the parts and assemble it. The planning, raw material required etc. will be an issue only for the first machine. When you start making the second machine, you need to only manage the plan ( delivery date). You are aware of the possible issues and problems and you will have a solution for the same. Where as in software, every software written is unique by itself, the Planning, resource management etc. will be different for different software. Even though prototyping concept is there in software, it will not be a throw away prototype. They will be used in the main software.
   There is one advantage in this software business, if you make a mistake there is a way to roll back and correct the mistake. If a doctor makes a mistake, he cannot role back the mistake and redo the operation. Where as in software, the mistake can be corrected. You can go back to the point of the mistake and redo the work from the point of mistake. You need not start from zero. Yes, there is wastage in both the cases. In the first scenario, if the doctor makes a mistake the worst case is there is a loss of life. If a doctor makes a mistake he can come out of the operation room and say “ We have done our best. Let us trust in God”. In software, the wastage is time and money. A software engineer cannot put the blame on God as he is not involved in this work. It is fully the engineer’s responsibility.
   If you do your own business, you can go to office and come back home as you wish but in software it is not like that. People from other profession has this impression that they have flexible work timing but it is not so true as it sounds. If you have a US client then you have to work in nights for the meeting and morning to manage the team. If you have a middle east client you have to work on Saturday and Sunday too. There is no weekend. Other countries have other issues.

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