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Where are the HUMAN beings?

I have been in Bangalore for the past nine years and all the time i was impressed by the great technological improvement in the city.But recently i had a situation where for the past 1 week i have to travel by the bus.
And what i have experienced make me feel very depressed about the while human kind.I saw a pregnant lady traveling with her colleagues everyday.Some days she will get a place to sit and some days she doesn’t. one day she could not get any seat and NO lady offered her a seat.May be no one saw her or even if they have seen her they don’t want to see her.Some acted as if they where sleeping  and some looked elsewhere.Then a gentleman offered her his seat. Atleast a man knows and understood the difficulties of a pregnant lady.

The next day as soon as i saw the lady i got up to offer her the seat. As soon as i got up the lady behind me rushed to take the place and she sat there. When i told her that i got up to give the place to pregnant lady, she did not listen to me or did not even show that she heard me. Oh God.Where are the human beings? Where is our humanity? When one lady could not understand the difficulties of another then where this world is going to.

All her colleagues are sitting comfortably watching this lady struggle all the way. What kind of people they are. And what kind of life they live.

I really feel that youngsters are very kind , polite, courteous in many ways than the grown ups.( I could not say they are grown ups) And these grown ups always complain about these youngsters.

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Please people ,be human .

Please Note : This is a contributed post from my wife. This entry is not mine

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