Saturday , January 19 2019

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Today, i happen to go to Hanuman Temple as today is Hanuman Jayanthi. There in the temple there was a old lady singing Hanuman and Rama songs. It was really nice to hear that. Well, this was something that i have not seen in years. The purpose of People visiting the temple is to put their wishes into God’s ears and not just to see the God.

Can you tell me how many people actually tell a prayer when they have their hands joined and the eyes closed?
Not even 50%, they either think of their worries or they think of what materialistic things that they want next.

How many people know a sloga or mantra today?
About 25% of the population that visits the temple

Even the priest thinks about donations that they will get. He does not think about the well being of the people on whose behalf he is telling the Matra.

Talking about crowds….The temple was free, completely free, about 4-5 people were there in the temple. I was surprised that, how come people did not visit Hanuman temple on Hanuman Jayanthi. The crowd was much less than that of the crowd that i see on weekends. Ya, now-a-days people go to temple as per their convenience and not as per the days. When they have their holiday, the God has to busy listening to them. On holidays or festivals, the full population will be in the temple. I think God might be having a special recruitment or a prayer box like Jim Carry did in “Bruce Almighty” on these special days.

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And the nature of the crowd is really funny

  1. Old Couples who come to temple to get a speedy ticket or special entrance.( i hope you understand which entrance)
  2. Middle aged couple to put their sorrows or their wish-list. Some husbands chasing the kids while the wife is buys in prayer.
  3. Young couple who are bored in visiting all the places.
  4. Single guys and girls –for bird watching. Well there are some guys who really don’t behave well in big crowd. I had seen a guy pinch a girls hip in Guruvayur temple ( there girls mandatorily have to wear a saree or half saree).
  5. There are people who visit temple for prasad (Prasadam).
  6. There are only a few who go there for peace.

For me, temple is a place where you go to talk to God. I want to sit down quietly in a corner, close my eyes and talk to God. Today i don’t get this peacefulness in any temple in Bangalore.

The Temple i like
Shiva temple in Chidambaram, Tamilnadu

The temple i don’t like
Krishna Temple in Guravayur, Kerala

This is not because of Shiva and Vishnu but because of the temple authorities. See my old blog post why i don’t like Guruvayur temple.

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