Tuesday , January 22 2019

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Work – Money – Happiness

There is a program in Nat Geo called “Men in Wild”. I happened to see a man called Kevin Richardson who was living with the lion family. We have seen people touching lions and feeding them but this man is really awesome. He has built a den for them, he takes care of the lion family. He has named them, takes care of the disputes in the lion’s family ( Lion’s Family is called a Pride). He goes and sleeps near the lion, rubs his head on the lion’s neck and the lion reciprocates his action but rubbing its near on his head. He sometimes sleeps with the lions, cuddles himself with the lion and play with them by sleeping on it when the lion is sleeping. All these was really astonishing. What surprised me was that i could not see any fear on this face. He treats them as his pet dog. Really Amazing.

   There is one thing i learned from this program, if you do what you like then there is no other happiness in this world. Money, even thought it is required, it does not bring the happiness you want be it family or work.

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