Wednesday , September 19 2018
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Your Baby can read

I guess you must have heard this statement before? Yes, this is a telemarketing product. Please don’t be scared that i am not selling products in my blog. I wanted to tell about this because it really caught my attention in one statement that they made. The product is a video which shows the words and explain the kids those words in actions so that they learn the product. They even shows a demo where a kid of 1 year old, reads a card with some words and shows that action. I really don’t know how well this works. But they made one statement

“Use this product and send you kid as an expert to L.K.G”

Once i heard this, i could not stop laughing. Why are we sending the kinds to school? To become an expert and these people want to send the Kids to school as experts. I can’t blame these people, it is attitude of the parents. Most parents don’t send their kids to school to learn. For them it is a competition ground. They want their kids to win in anything and everything. They don’t understand their kid’s interest or likings. They only want a winning child. These kids when grown up are becoming selfish people in this world who don’t care about anything else but themselves.

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