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Address book

Everyone use to maintain a physical address book those days. It had the addresses and the phone numbers of friends and relatives. When the book is new all the addresses and phone numbers are neatly written but as the day passes, the book will be with so many scribbling and over-writes.
In this current technological world, the physical address book is obsolete. Everyone has the numbers stored in their phone and when the phone is lost……. all the information they have collected is lost. Everyone should maintain a back-up of their address book. Some mobile service providers provide this feature. But still we need to depend of the service provider. There is one other way, you can connect the mobile phone to the computer via the data cable provided by the phone. This back up method will help us recover this the data that we lose the mobile phones.
But the case of address change and phone number change are more frequent these days due to people traveling onsite and changing the mobile networks quite often. how to handle this situation? There is a website called Plaxo. This website works in a way that everyone registers to this site. You just have your latest information updated in this website and create a address book for the first time. If some of your friends changes the address or the phone number they just have to update their information. This information will be reflecting into your address book if you have the person’s email address updated in your book. There is a privacy setting that is available too. You can group the people as Professional and Personal and give them access to your professional and personal information. You relatives need not see the professional mobile and your manager need not see your personal mobile number.

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This site also also gives a sync feature where you can synchronize this information with Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo mobile phone like iPhone, Windows mobile, android and Blackberry.

You can even import and export the information that is available for you in this site. You are required to pay some money for some of the services offered.

There are also other softwares like Google Contacts, Yahoo address book. You can compare the features the below

Features Plaxo Google Contacts Yahoo
Free Address Book Creation a a a
Custom Fields in Contacts r a a
Sync with Outlook a r r
Sync with iPhone a a r
Sync with Android a a r
Sync with Blackberry a a r
Sync with Windows Mobile a a r
Sync with GMail a r
Sync with Yahoo a r
Online Update ( Friends update visible in your address Book) a r r

Choose the best address book that you want to maintain your address book.

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