Thursday , October 18 2018
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No Smoking


I am not going to ask anyone to quit smoking. I am bored of asking people whom i know to quit smoking.I have seen people taking “Quit Smoking” as their new year resolution. On Dec 31, stating that it is the last day, they smoke 2 – 3 packets of cigarettes. They do the damage for themselves that can be done for a year in one single day. They will resume smoking in a day or 2. They just can’t leave it.  There is no use asking them to QUIT.

They give multiple reasons for smoking

  • Loneliness
  • Getting ideas in business
  • De-stressing
  • Even for doing their morning duties they need a puff.

There are people who don’t smoke do these things without smoking. I hope they realise this.

I don’t stand near any person who smokes be it even my manager or even i have to get some money from that person. Ok. if i am not going to advise the smokers to quit what am i doing here? I have few requests for the non-smokers

  1. Don’t give company to people who smoke.
  2. Don’t buy them or help them buying cigarettes.
  3. Don’t lend them money for buying cigarettes
  4. Don’t take up challenges to smoke your first cigarettes or challenge anyone else.
  5. Don’t appreciate people for their smoking style.

I have also heard that girls ask their boy friends to smoke as it is manly. It is better to stay away from these girls too.

My propaganda is “Don’t support smokers”. Slowly they will Quit.

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