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Some people eat eggs but claim to be vegetarians. Some people eat only chicken and not other meat. Some of them love the vegetarian cuisine but cannot give up the non-vegetarian delicacies. There exists a name for all sorts of vegetarians. Read on to find out which type of a vegetarian you are:

Vegans: Strict vegetarians who do not eat meat of any kind, eggs, dairy products, or even do not consume processed foods containing any animal-derived ingredients such as gelatin are termed as vegans. There also includes a subset of vegans who call themselves as ‘raw vegans’ who only consume unprocessed vegan foods.

Fruitarians: Some people have carried the concept of vegetarianism to another extreme wherein the people only eat fresh fruits, these people are called fruitarians.

Lacto-ovo-Vegetarians: Vegetarians who do not eat pork, beef, poultry, fish, or animal flesh of any kind, but do consume eggs and dairy products are called lacto-ovo vegetarians.

Lacto Vegetarians: Vegetarians who do not eat any type of animal meat or even poultry and eggs but consume milk are called lacto vegetarians.

Ovo Vegetarians: Vegetarians who do not eat any kind of animal flesh or meat, and do not even consume milk, but eat eggs are called ovo vegetarians.

Pescatarian: Pescatarians are those who refrain from eating all types of meat with the exception of fish. Usually this type of diet results owing to the demand for nutritional requirements fulfilled by fish.

Flexitarians: Flexitarians are those who mostly stick to a vegetarian diet but occasionally eat meat.

Pollo-Vegetarians: People who eat poultry, such as chicken, turkey, and duck but no other type of animal flesh and meat and the regular vegetarian ingredients are termed as pollo vegetarians.

There is one type that eat poultry but not eggs. I could not a find a name of them, I really don’t know if thee is a name for it.

Factors that Result in Different Types of Vegetarians

Vegetarianism is accepted and practiced by a majority of people, but each one has his or her own way of practicing it. Some of the important factors that decide the types of vegetarians are:

Vegetarianism for Better Health

Doctors, dietitians and several health specialists are increasingly advocating the health benefits of vegetarianism. Owing to the increased awareness about health concerns associated with the non-vegetarian diet and health benefits of a vegetarian diet, a large number of people have switched to vegetarianism for health reasons. Vegetarianism offers lower cholesterol levels, lower risks of heart diseases, cancer and higher life expectancy, which seems like a smarter and healthier way of life for many people.

Vegetarianism to Save Animals

Many of the people think it is cruel or inhuman for human beings to slaughter animals for their nutrition when vegetarian options are available. Thus people who believe in animal rights are vegetarians owing to their concern about animals. There exist several animal rights organizations that are constantly promoting the benefits of the vegetarian diet and educating human beings about the ruthless practices carried out in slaughterhouses where animals are massacred on a large scale.

Vegetarianism for Religious Beliefs

Many people practice vegetarianism owing to their religious beliefs. There are some religions, which do not allow their practitioners to consume non-vegetarian food and encourage consumption of vegetarian food. Jainism is a religion that advocates for a vegetarian diet and also does not allow killing of animals and their consumption.

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