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Saat Khoon Maaf

The movie ” Saat khoon maaf” is Priyanka chopra movie based on Ruskin bond novel. My god I really dont know if the novel was boring or the movie was boring. I really could not sit in the theatre after 15 minutes of the movie starting. The movie starts in some 1940 period and ends in 2009. In this period Priyanka has 7 husbands. The story moves around her of how she meets them, marries them and finally kills them. I got a feeling that she has started enjoying the killing episode part. Actually the killing is because they are some way of the other not good. The husbands are as follows military officer, singer, poet, police, Russian and a homeopathy doctor. The final one was a suspense that the director wanted to maintain. At the end of the movie no one cared about the 7th one. They were all happy that the movie got over and they have come out of the theatre. Actually the last one is the God himself. It is depicted like she becomes a nun ie she marries Jesus. It is not shown that she kills Jesus but it is suppose to be understood. That is why the count is 7.
If you ask me if we can watch this movie, I would say even if you don’t have nothing else in this world to do don’t watch this movie. It is my sincere request.

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