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10 Headed Cobra

TEN_HEADED_COBRA_JAFFNA_SRILAN I have read about 10 headed snakes in Vishnu Purana that Vishnu sleeps on a 10 headed snake and the snake stands above Lord Vishnu’s head like an umbrella. I never thought it really existed. I was thinking it was a made up story, they used a snake instead of an umbrella to make the the story and the picture to look diving. I was really surprised to see this real picture.
Was the story created after seeing the snake or this is co-incidental? GoK!!!!!
anantha pad
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  1. Seems like a morphed image da.

  2. After you have mentioned i watched the picture very closely. Even i feel it is morphed. The shadow is not proportional to the head.

  3. Please upload a video if taken at that time.

  4. is it real ? i want to see it really

    • I dont think it is real. I got his picture from Internet. The shadow of the head of the snake does not go along. It looks more like a edited picture.

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