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Ennamo Yeadho

I watched the Tamil movie ‘KO’. It was a good movie to watch but has been released little late. I guess Udayanidhi must have delayed the release purposely as the elections were ON last week in Tamilnadu.
The movie starts with KV Anand’s photography during the name card display. The first scene is a bank robbery and the introduction of Jiiva ( no it is not a spelling mistake this is how his name was displayed in the slide card). The story revolves around how a group of youngsters create a political party and get to the power. The hero who is a journalist helps them againist the ruling party and the opposition party. The songs are wrongly placed in the movie but they are really good. The songs picturizations and the melody songs are really nice. After ‘Ganjini’ i felt that the song got over very fast. Every scene was interesting and something new in every scene. I did not get bored in any part of the movie.
There are 2 heros and 2 heroines. The second hero and the heroine were selected correctly and they did their part very well. The music director and the cinematographer should be given a pat on their shoulder for their work. The main heroine looks good and she has great eyes but she needs to do some acting.
Jiiva who is carrying the main responsibility did a great work. He has done some hard work in fights and acting. I guess he must has taken special classes in holding the camera. He looked like a professional photographer when he was holding the camera. Jiiva and the heroine forms a very cute pair they both looked good together.
A good movie to watch.

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To Actor Jiiva: He should taken some care in some shots involving his hands so that his original platinum wedding ring was not shown to the audience.

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