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TN Elections 2011

The video is of the Tamilnadu DMK promotional video. They have shot the video with all the feelings. Great video but please don’t get fooled.
   As far as i am concerned, he is not a CM he is just heading a “Big Free Society”. Yes, i just thinks what he can give in free to get more vote bank. The list of things he gave free

  1. Electricity for farmers
  2. TV
  3. Rice at 1 Rs ( BTW the paid toilet is Rs. 2)
  4. Vegetable and Grains
  5. House
  6. Gas Cylinder
  7. Gas stove

What else is needed?  I guess these things are more than enough for lazy people to live a happy life. Instead of giving education and job, he is giving everything else free.
I don’t like his Leadership. He and his family is only good for having TV channels and Cinema production houses.

But at the same time don’t forget Jayalalitha’s foster son marriage and the jewels she wore.

I am sure, only educated people will be reading this blog. Make sure you vote and select the correct candidate and correct chief minister otherwise all your tax money will be given as free to lazy people who don’t work.

two  or  five  You choose.

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