Tuesday , January 22 2019

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Appreciations should be done immediately!!!!

Should appreciations be done immediately as and when you see the result or give the appreciation once you have seen the complete result?

Assume that you go to a restaurant and you order a dish. The ordered food is served to you. The chef sits in-front of you and is continuously watching your mouth expecting you to say something about the food. If you drink water during the meal he asks you “is it spicy?”, You don’t like a tomato, that is in the dish, and move it away assume if he asks you “isn’t the tomato cooked properly?” but the food is really good.

How what would you do at this situation

  1. Give him a genuine comment while you eat
  2. Give him a good comment but you make up you mind not to visit this place again due to the chef approach.
  3. Ask to get away and let you to eat peacefully?

I really don’t know what is the correct answer but i guess it depends of the mood of the person and the time by which the food is served.

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