Thursday , December 13 2018
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Google Google has launched their new product called Google+. (After C++, lots of products and their companies have adopted the ‘+’ to their naming. It is attractive and it very clearly states that this is enhanced feature of the previous version). Like other

product of Google, this is exact replica of Facebook.  The look , the functionalities all are very similar except the friends management. They have introduced a concept called Circles. Circles are customized groups that you create like Family, colleagues, Friends etc. You can add your friends to one or more circles. Then you

logo post messages, photos, videos, Map positions etc in Google+  with various permissions
Public : Everyone in all your circles and people from your friends circle can see the message
Posted to one or more groups : People in the selected groups can see the message post.
Posted to one or people : One selected people can see the post.
This concept is not available in Facebook that i liked. This feature allows you to post family specific messages but not allow your colleagues to see those personal messages or posts that are interchanged between family members.
People are hesitant to migrate to Google+ because of 3 reasons
1. They are not aware of this new feature Circles
2. They got used to Facebook
3. People have not still started using Facebook. Most of their friends are in Facebook so Google message posting will be less.

Google+ has come advantages to pull people on their side
1. The interface is a exact replica of Facebook
2. They have integrated in Picasa. All your pictures in Picasa web is viewable here and you can tag people in those photos which can be viewed in wall.
3. There is a notification box added to Gmail. if there are any status updates, we get the number of new updates.

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They can still enhance this with the features

  1. Real time typing that Google identified with Google Wave. others can see the typing of characters as and when they type the message instead of message “your friend is typing….”
  2. Integrate with Google Docs where documents can be shared between circle of people.
  3. A sharing of RSS feed in Google reader can be made visible in Google+ wall.
  4. Maps can be enhanced to show the current location of your friends if they are willing to share the location with Google Latitude
  5. Blogger snippets can be posted on the wall and the comments on the snippets can be shown in the blogger and the vice versa.

Ok come on… let us get Googled…….

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  1. Circle is not a new concept of Google + , even with facebook u can create groups and assign permissions accordingly , only the hangout option i see as a new thing in +

    • I think groups are not the same as circles. Groups in Facebook is for people to create a common area to discuss common interest. They need not be in you friends list. Where as circles are categorization of friends in your list.

  2. I have been a happy user of Google+ since it was launched, with its recent revised interface and functionality, Google+ is indeed a bit simpler and more beautiful.

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