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Happy Shopping

photo 1
Some bottle cleaning Brushes
Have you ever gone shopping with a woman?
I know most of the men would answer “Yes”. That woman would be mother, sister, wife or daughter.Would you like to go shopping again to the same place with the same person?
It is a obvious “No”

Shopping is a hobby for most women. Be it dress, household or kitchen items, it will be in their shopping list. This list keeps changing every day and every time. One day they like glass, another day they like plastic and other day they like ceramic.

Whenever, i go home to see my parents, i see her using a new stove, utensils or something new in her kitchen or her living room.

Shopping with women is boring because they will not make a selection quickly. They would like to see all the things the shop/mall has before making a choice. They would have gone there to buy a handkerchief but they will see all the sarees prices ranging from 100K to 1K. You should see the salesman’s face when you select the handkerchief and move to the counter for the billing. They have wasted their time and the sales man’s time.
This is the reason why In south India, most men don’t like to accompany women to a dressing shop or a show shop. Sarees were yesterday’s craze but today the craze has moved to other items too.
photo 2
A beautiful looking dinner set in Glass with a red border
Natural bathing solutions, soaps and creams
Today,the craze has moved to the fancy looking showcase items, costly dinner sets, branded cosmetics etc.
In those day, women used natural items in its natural form but today, the like to say they use natural products. It has come a fancy when they say they use natural products. Some times they smell orange, strawberry, peach etc. This is because of the soap or the cream they have used.
They also feel proud when someone asks them if it is that specific brand and they would lead into a boring conversion between women.
Shoppers never fail spending money in advertising and pulling customers to their shops. There are some dress shops who design sarees every festive season and give a unique name to it. possessing the dress of those names are prestigious for some people. They make sure they buy atleast one saree under each name.
There is a also a technique that they some shops use make people buy more products. In a departmental store, the products are not arranged in any random pattern or alphabetically. They are arranged based on some research done. Research shows people who buy product X could also buy product Y and hence Products X and Y are next to each other on the shelves. Have you ever put your mind on this thing? Try to figure it out next time you do monthly grocery shopping.
My only request is use environmental friendly products during and after shopping.
Happy Shopping for women!!!!  Happy over time for men to earn for their women to shop!!!!
photo 3
A environment friendly shopping bag
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