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In the morning, the family had assembled for the breakfast and all were seated in the table. The breakfast for the day was a simple Indian Dish. The dish was served and we started eating. After few minutes, i was shocked to see my son having his fingers in his mouth. 
I asked him “ What are you doing?”
He told me “ Incisors are for cutting, Premolar are for tearing and molars are for grinding, I was finding the place where i should chew the food”
I was literally shocked. My wife who over head the conversation told him to eat the same way how he was eating the day before.

The same day, we had gone for shopping and we have purchased my Wife’s Birthday cake and some groceries, My wife and me were carrying the heavy bags and we packed the cake safely and given it to my son so that he can bring it carefully. We instructed him not to swing the bag while walking otherwise the cake would overturn in the box. He carried it with lots of care. Once we reached home, he placed it on the kitchen table and starting stretching his hands and saying “ It was really heavy and i could not carry it”. My wife immediately replied to him , “ How can 500g Cake be so heavy? I had carried you in my stomach for 9 months”. My Son went silent and looked at her face for some time and said “ O……K…….. You win”.
I burst out laughing……

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