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Money Trouble

First the giant tree was felled. Three men hacked away at it for hours and they charged by the hours. The gaping hole it left behind was filled with soil from another patch of land and it ended up looking like a bad job. So it was decided to tile the entire forecourt. Four men tool two days to the job and charged by the hour. The tree having gone, the library room felt like someone has blown its roof away. Suddenly it was too bright and too hot in there. Gone was the sense of seclusion, the pleasure of sitting by the window in a sunken armchair and reading in the play of light and shade as the day curved into night. TO give the room some of its old magic it was decided to place a big wooden lattice outside the window. Two carpenters took six days to build it and they charged by the hour. But the lattice looked too stake on its own. So it was decided to make creepers grow all over it, to bring back the green touch. A gardener was hired. The expenses were mounting… and all because a hugh, overhanging tree in the west side of the house, the owner believed, would hinder his financial progress.
Money has a strange way of making you spend it.

The above was titled “The root of the money trouble” in the Friday magazine of Gulf news papers. This was on from the editors desk.

I wanted to post that to my blog because the same situation happened in our house. My mom insisted in cutting the hugh neem tree infront of the house for vaastu and then she artificially created a garden to bring the green back. Well situations repeats itself.

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