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Status Messages

Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass…its about learning to dance in the rain 🙂

U run behind something which u don’t see but in the process leave behind something which is there in front of r eyes but v turn blind to it.

Simple rule for success – Just try one more time in a different way, before you decide to quit. Winners don’t do different things they do things differently.

Sati Savitri fought with Yamaraj to get her husband back……………
Moral: Not even Yamaraj can save you from your wife..

Every problem is like a big door but surely there is a solution like a small key which can open it easily. Find the key instead of worrying about lock.

A man cried when he had no shoes,
But he stoped crying when he saw a man with out legs.
LIFE IS FULL OF BLESSINGS, sometimes we dont understand it…

Everything is valuable only at 2 times; First – Before getting it. Second – After loosing it.

Change does not happen when circumstances improve. Change happens when U DECIDE to improve your circumstances.

The 4 Beautiful thoughts of Life!
1.) Look back & and get Experience!
2.) Look forward & see Hope!
3.) look around & find Reality!
4.) Look within & find Yourself!

When you do anything new,
1st people laugh at you
Then they challenge you
Then they ridicule you
Then they watch you succeed
Then they wish they were like you.
There are always people who will give negative feedback and try to pull you down.
You better listen to what your heart says and go with it with full conviction

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