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iPhone : Echofon for Twitter


  This is the most used iPhone or iPad App that i use. This is the most clean iPhone Twitter app on the iPhone Store with Push notification and Unread tweets sync.
Some od the important features of this App are
– Twitter Timelines
– Mentions
– Direct Messages
– Custom list view
– Search facility

The Twitter timeslines show all the tweets of the people you follow in the time order. You have the facility to show the last read tweet next time you open the app so that you can read from where you stopped last time. The timelines also has a preview feature of the photos and the videos from Twitpic, Twitvid, vfrog, lockerz and flickr.
   There is also feature to view individual tweet, pic/videos attached and even save them. You can save tweets from certain people into a list and mute them from the main timelines so that it can be read in leisure. In case you have a iPad and iPhone, the tweets are syned between the two devices so that you need not read the same tweet in you iPhone and iPad.
You can create your own tweets from this application. It has the feature to attach pictures, videos and geotags.It is also integrated with service so that all you URLs can be shortened.
Last but not the least, When you get a mention or a direct message you get a push notification message and can manage multiple twitter accounts.

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