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Kanchana ( Muni Part 2)


Kanchana ( Muni Part 2) is a sequel to a tamil movie where the hero who is a scared of ghosts but ends up helping the ghost to kill the people who actually killed them. The part 2 also has the same story but the ghost is a transvestite ( I have seen a male ghost and female ghosts but this ghost was different Smile).
   The movie start with a close knit family of mother with 2 sons living happily. The youngest one Raghava Lawrence is the hero. He is brave sportsman but scared of ghosts. He goes to play cricket in a abandoned playground and bring with ghost home without his  knowledge. The ghosts are stuck with the cricket stumps and comes home. There is one stage that the members of the family comes to know that the house is haunted. They try to drive the ghost away but it gets into the Hero’s body. With the help of the hero, the ghost takes its revenge. In the end, the hero is married to the heroine and lives happily ever after (along with the ghost).
    The movie belongs to comedy thriller category. No, It is not like Scary movie in English but it is really Ghosts and they don’t make fun of it. They give u a shock one minute then the next minute they make you laugh. It is a rollercoaster ride but entertaining. The surprising part of the movie was the person who acts as a the transvestite. He is the in-power M.L.A of Tamilnadu. It was different to see him that way.

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