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Rapport with colleagues

officeBe cordial to your colleagues and create a better rapport

When you are at your workplace, it can get too difficult to work if you don’t share a good rapport with your colleagues. A bad relationship can lead to disharmony, disagreements, hostility and many other negative feelings. When you end up spending more than half of your day at work, it is important to maintain a friendly relationship.

Here are a few pointers that will make your life easier at office:

Honesty: It is very important to be honest to yourself and to your colleagues. Your attitude means a lot. Try to be humble, open and friendly to your mates when they have issues.

Respect: Never disrespect or show your superiority in front of your colleagues. Sometimes it gets important to keep a check on your facial expressions and body language. Remember that everyone has the right of opinion.

Mentor: If you are in an organisation for a certain period of time, guide your colleagues with the experience you have. Give them moral support and pat their shoulders when they do something good.

No demands: When you help someone and that someone wants to do something in return for you, simply say ‘no thank you’. It will help you to gain respect for yourself.

Acceptance: It is very important to accept someone the way s/he is. No one is perfect. Everyone makes mistakes.

No sucking up: When your colleagues see you sucking up to your boss all the time, immediately your importance goes down. They can even get suspicious of you thinking that you are the one conveying all the gossip to the boss.

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No gossip: Don’t discuss one colleague with another. You never know when your thoughts will reach the former and will lead to lots of issues and trouble. If you dislike someone, keep it to yourself. Otherwise you will be blamed badly later on.

Outing: Who says colleagues can’t be your good friends? Try to go out with your colleagues more often for lunch or dinner. It will lead to a better connection.

Nothing personal: Religion, politics and your sex life should be avoided in group discussions. Many people consider these topics very personal and will not take it sportingly.

And last, but not the least, always make an eye contact. Smile whenever it is appropriate. Laugh at their jokes and crack your own. Try not to cross your arms and legs when you sit in front of them.

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