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13011454361973456359cartoon-family-holding-hands-hiA few days before, one of my friends had travelled to India from Dubai just for 2 days to be with her father for his retirement. This close relationship only exists between a father – daughter relationship. Everyone say that girls are more attached to their father then their mothers. It is really true. They are the ones who come running if anything is required for their father.
   I can still remember what my sister did after her marriage. They were suppose to travel to Canada on that day after their marriage. That day, early in the morning she was missing in her bedroom. My brother-in-law was totally shocked, he searched everywhere in the house. He reluctantly woke me and my brother after his efforts were futile. We all were searching the house. Later we found out that she sneaked into my parents bedroom in the midnight and was sleeping between my father and my mother. Smile
    The same relationship does not exist between father-Son relationship. In this relationship father considers the son to be his back-up and the son expects the father to be lenient. Both never compromise. We know so many people who does not even care to come to India for their parents funeral. They give an excuse that they don’t have leave or they did not get a ticket. Pathetic.
    Son-Mother and Daughter-mother relationship is slightly different and changes after the marriage of the children.
A girl and the mother relationship before marriage is never good. The mother expects the daughter to do everything she does because she wants the daughter to be the best wife and mother after marriage. The girl expects to be carefree. They are like 2 boxers in the ring with the father supporting the girl. After marriage this relationship is completely different. The girl needs the mother during the pregnancy and the child growth. After this phase she understands the mother and they are close after that. You can see you wife calling their mother quite often.
A son and the mother relationship before marriage is very similar to the Father –daughter relationship. The son never leaves the shadow of the mother. They discuss everything with their mothers before taking any decisions and mothers are the punching bags to vent our their anger. After marriage this relationship is just a relationship. The wife takes the places of their mothers. People who are behind their mothers are somehow changed by their wives. They are loaded with responsibly of family, health etc.
   In conclusion, we can say that relationships are never constant. They keep changing as time passes but you need one to make the life interesting.

"Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family: Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one."
– Jane Howard

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