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PG – Parental Guidance required for children below 18 to read the below Blog entry.

All must have read about the Darwin theory of evolution. He says that life was created from the small cell. First the single celled organism, then the multi-celled, then the tissues, then with tentacles, then those live in water, then land and water, then on land with 4 limbs and finally the human beings with 2 Legs.
In a similar theory, scientists says that the number of sexes in this world for human beings are not just 2 but a spectrum of sexes between Male and female. If you know permutation and combination in mathematics then find it yourself. The combination varies between Male sexual organs, testicles, female sexual organs, ovaries, Uterus and breasts. We know the prominent 2 types of sexes
1. Male
2. Female
All other types are grouped into a single category called transvestites. There are 3 more prominently known sexes in this world as per the scientists
1. Hermaphrodite (Hermes in Short)  (True Hermaphrodite) – They have both sexes in their body. In laymen terms, they have all the 6 things that i mentioned in the paragraph above. Logically they can create an offspring of their own but the body is not designed that way.
2. Merms (Pseudo Hermaphrodite)- Who has Testicles, female sexual organs but no ovary and Uterus.
3. Ferms (Pseudo Hermaphrodite) – Who has ovaries and Uterus with Male sexual organs.

In the medieval period, Hermaphrodites were compelled to choose an established gender role and stick with it. The penalty for transgression was often death. Thus in the 1600s a Scottish hermaphrodite living as a woman was buried alive after impregnating his/her master’s daughter. The culture even continues today, we treat them different, we look at them differently. I get cold when i see them knocking my car window for money in traffic signals. I guess, Government should recognise them as different sexes and give them job. When the Government could do something to get the caste system away they can use the same method to get rid of this sexual discrimination.
Hermes is a Greek word that means Messenger of God. Let us treat God’s Messenger well, they will see heaven when they are alive and you can see heaven, when you done with your role.

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