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20 Days 20 Amazing Lunches

Indian kids lunch box list. Moms who have difficulty in deciding what to cook for their lunch boxes can refer the list below.

Week 1

  1. maas-5f5e6f0b96Sandwich with Brown bread, Cucumber and Cheese
  2. Semiya Vegetable Upma
  3. Idly, Tomato Chutney
  4. Sandwich with brown bread, egg and cheese
  5. Pasta with sweet corn and spinach

Week 2

  1. Healthy Hakka NoodlesSandwich with brown bread, Spinach and cheese
  2. Small dosa with carrot and beetroot
  3. Bread Upma with Raitha
  4. Veg Noodles
  5. Sandwich with brown bread, cucumber and tomato

Week 3

  1. Chappathi RollChappati roll with egg
  2. Sandwich with Brown bread, shredded carrot and cheese
  3. Veg pasta
  4. Rava idly with coriander chutney
  5. Panner stuffed roti with Raita

Week 4

  1. aloo parathaAloo Paratha with Raitha
  2. Vegetable rice with Raitha
  3. Sandwich with Brown bread and Pudina Chutney
  4. Veg Idiappam with coconut chutney
  5. Veg stuffed paratha with Raitha


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