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Boarding Order

Emirates_Updated2_A380Recently when i was travelling from Bangalore to Dubai, i had to wait in the terminal for 25 minutes to board the flight. When i board a train, it is on the first come first server basis. Who ever comes first gets to board the train first but why is that methodology not followed for planes? 
  Through net I came to know that airlines to have to pay an average of $30 per minute for the terminal access. So the airlines has to offload their passengers, clean up, board the next set of passengers with in a short time. These days most airlines follow the zone based boarding technique. The people who are to be seated in the rear end of the plane will be allowed to boarded first and then the people who are seated in the middle of the aircraft and then finally the front seats. The airlines expects to save time in this methodology so that the passage is free for movement for the people to the rear end of the aircraft.
   Some research stats that the boarding done based in the seat position will save time.  First the window seats and then the aisle seats. Research shows that annually an airlines can save up to 110 million dollars!!!. The difficulty here is that airlines have to make the passengers line-up based on the seats positions keeping in mind families, ladies with infants, minors travelling alone etc.

In the future, when you travel with your spouse you spouse will board the aircraft before you with the hand baggages which will be lying on the passage as they cannot lift it keep them in the overhead cabins.

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