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I Like it

The "Like" function in Facebook is a pretty simple one — people click"Like" for things that interest them. On the surface, this seems almost irrelevant, but thinking so ignores the way Facebook operates. Taking advantage of the "Like" function is actually the key to getting good marketing opportunities out of Facebook.
  When a user clicks "Like," whether on Facebook itself or through a site’s Facebook plug-in, Facebook records the data and uses it in a number of ways. First, a notification is put up on the user’s wall confirming the "Like." This informs other users who are familiar with the wall about the product, news item or event, giving them an opportunity to examine and potentially"Like" it as well.Therefore, if a user has even 200 friends, which is not that great a number given the increasing inter-connectedness of online communities, that’s 200 people who will see what their friend"Liked," and who will have the chance to "Like" it themselves. This is the very foundation of viral content, or content with the ability to move rapidly along through intermediate connections of hundreds of people.
Additionally, Facebook makes recommendations to users based on things they have "Liked." Thus if friend A has friend B, and friend A puts a "Like" on business C, friend B will not only get an announcement about the "Like," but may have the business recommended to them since they "Like" friend A. This is still another route of communication and an indirect marketing opportunity that requires no more effort than a simple click.Thus it is to any business’ advantage to put a plug-in allowing people to "Like" them on Facebook via the businesses’ site.
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