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Mangatha–A review


Machi Open the Bottle……..

Money Money Money…..

Are the three things that are prominently distinct in the movie. After Venkat Prabhu’s Holiday(Goa) he is playing a game now. The movie is a thriller about how a team plan to rob a money involved in betting.and what happens to to them because of the money.

Thala Ajith, Action King Arjun, Trisha, Vaibhav, Premji, Mahat, Anjali and there are a lot more people in the movie. The money changes hands and what happen to the people who handle money in the crux of the story. Everyone has a small part except Ajith and Arjun. They play the main thief and the police and they hold the story. The climax has the twist to the full story. I wanted more of Premji’s comedy but it was less.
Ajith’s house set was really nice.It is a single bedroom house with no walls. It really impressed me.

OH!!!! i told about only 2 things out of the 3 things in the beginning. I forgot to tell about the the third thing. Here it is….


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