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Spy Kids 4 – Review


Spy Kids 4 is a kids movie that has been released across the world in Sep 2011. This has been released in 4D. It is a proper 3D movie with Aroma scope as the 4th D. I watched the movie in 3D and i am not sure what will the 4D look like sorry smell like. In the story, we have a baby who creates foul smell and i think that will be the smell that will be sprayed in the theatre. If it is, then i don’t think i have missed anything.
   The story line is very simple. There is a villain who steals time from everyone. A lady spy tries to get him. In this process, her step kids gets into this battle. The Kids get access to the spy tools in the agency and play a vital part in catching the villain. The kids did not do most of the action it is played by the kids mom and the Spy kids 3 actors (grown up spy).
   I liked the dog that is part of the movie. It is Robot dog to watch the kids. Its action is the most interesting to watch.
In all, you can watch it once and kids will enjoy it for 90 minutes. 

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