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diwali-crackersDiwali one of the most important festival in India is celebrated in lavish way all over India. It is celebrated for different reasons. In south India, this festival is celebrated because Lord Krishna killed Narakasura. In North India, it is celebrated because the it is the day Lord Rama returned to Ayodya after killing Ravana.What ever may be the reason the way it is celebrated is mostly the same. There is also a riddle in Tamilnadu. Mostly all Tamilians celebrate their first diwali after the marriage in a special way in their place or in their in-laws place. It is called Thala Diwali. The riddle is where did Rama celebrate Thala Diwali. The answer is Rama did not celebrate Thala Diwali because there was no Diwali at that time. Lord Krishna was born after Lord Rama and hence no Thala Diwali for Lord Rama.
The day starts early with a oil bath, wear brand new clothes, do Pooja to God, and then making and sharing of sweets. This is one of the festival in India where all the family members are together. Be it where ever you, what ever you may be they make sure they go to their home or house in their native town to celebrate Diwali. It is one of the day where mothers make tasty food for their children.
Diwali is one of the expected festival for all children as they Crackers. Different types of crackers gets introduced every Diwali. It is the treat to watch and a prestige to burst the newest cracker in the market.

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Wish everyone a Very Happy Diwali

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